Privacy Statement

For proper treatment, it is necessary for the Vrouwkundige to create records. This is also a legal duty imposed by the WGBO. Your file contains your name and address information, notes on your health condition, and details of the examinations and treatments performed. The Vrouwkundige has a legal duty of confidentiality (professional secrecy).

We (the Vrouwkundige, hereinafter referred to as "we") do our best to ensure your privacy. This means, among other things, that we:

  • Careful handle of your personal and medical information;
  • Ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to your data;
  • Have Google Analytics set up fully privacy-friendly according to the GDPR.

Data from your file will be used for the following purposes:

  • Your treatment;
  • To inform other health care providers, such as when therapy is completed or when a referral is made to another practitioner. This is done only with your explicit consent;
  • For anonymized use in research. Your data is then NOT traceable to you;
  • A small portion of the data from your file will be used for financial records and reporting so that invoices can be prepared for you and proper records kept.

If we want to use your data for any other reason, we will inform you first and ask for your explicit consent.

As required by law, this data in the client file is kept for 20 years. More information can be read at:

The care bill you receive contains the information requested by the health insurance company so that you can claim this bill from your health insurance company. This is given to you by the Vrouwkundige, where you can decide whether you want to provide this information to your health insurance company.

In conclusion

The Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement form part of the agreement between the client and the Vrouwkundige, regarding the use of the services by the Vrouwkundige described in these Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement, the agreement and the use of the website By making an appointment at the Vrouwkundige, the client confirms that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions and privacy statement and the terms and conditions contained therein are accepted by the client as part of our agreement.