General Terms and Conditions

Marijke Hesselink Vrouwkundige, located at Gasthuislaan 251 in Delft, practicing at Beukenlaan 4k in Delft.

This version is valid from Dec 2022

  1. Service agreement

The Vrouwkundige as an independent service provider. She is a member of the Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives. She is also registered in the BIG register for reserved procedures.

1.1 The agreement to provide services in the field of women's health, which are of a consultative nature, will at all times be concluded by the Vrouwkundige from her free professional practice.

1.2 An agreement, as referred to in the previous paragraph, exists from the moment it is confirmed verbally or in writing, by means of an appointment note, an (email) correspondence or digital reply from the online agenda of the Vrouwkundige(

1.3 The rates charged are available from the Vrouwkundige. If the actual duration of the consultation is longer than the agreed duration of the consultation, the actual duration will determine the rate.

  1. Rates & payment

2.1 Payment per consultation obtained must be made immediately upon completion of the service via debit card transaction at the office of the Vrouwkundige.

2.2 Unless otherwise agreed for the provision of the service in a particular case, the client is entitled to the provision of a good and clearly legible invoice, which complies with the guidelines as set by the health insurance companies.

2.3 If the client cancels the appointment less than 48 hours in advance, the service will be charged in full. Cancellation of the service in question can be done either by phone or by email with the Vrouwkundige.

  1. Liability

3.1 Liability shall only be accepted by the Vrouwkundige in her professional capacity for the amount normally paid out by such professional liability insurance in the case in question in respect of the damage for which the Vrouwkundige is held liable, but in any event up to a maximum of € 1,500.

3.2 The Vrouwkundige has a duty of professional confidentiality. Engaging third parties will always be done by the Vrouwkundige in consultation with the client. The Vrouwkundige is not liable for failures of third parties so engaged.

3.3 The legal relationship between the Vrouwkundige and the client is exclusively governed by Dutch law. Disputes will be settled exclusively by the Dutch courts.

  1. Client liability

If the client fails to perform one or more of her obligations under the agreement to the Vrouwkundige, she shall be obliged to compensate all resulting and related direct and indirect damages (including additional costs, including the actual costs of legal assistance), without further notice of default being required.

In conclusion

The Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement form part of the agreement between the client and the Vrouwkundige, regarding the use of the services by the Vrouwkundige described in these Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement, the agreement and the use of the website By making an appointment at the Vrouwkundige, the client confirms that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions and privacy statement and the terms and conditions contained therein are accepted by the client as part of our agreement.