Guidance with hormonal questions and problems

The Vrouwkundige successfully completed training as a Care for Women specialist in 2021 and has since become skilled in counseling women with hormonal issues. Are you going crazy with moodswings, hot flashes, quick irritations, wanting to be alone or how your body is changing under the influence of hormones? If so, I'll meet with you and together we'll figure out how to make you feel good again. Through adjustments in diet and lifestyle and supplementing deficiencies, your symptoms will diminish.

Do you suffer from mental or physical complaints due to your cycle or are you generally not feeling well and it will not go away with 'just a good night's sleep'? Then I can definitely help you!

Also for complaints around the menopause and healthy and responsible aging, the Vrouwkundige is the right person.

Menstrual problems / PMS

For all those awful symptoms that crash down on you every month. By means of a questionnaire and a conversation we will look where we can gain.
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For your questions and complaints about the menopause. Is it really all hormonal? What do YOU want to do about it?
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Getting and being pregnant in a healthy way

About hopefully getting pregnant quickly and responsibly and information on what to look out for and what to arrange. Your partner is always welcome, too!
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Marijke understands the female body, hormones and discomforts. She gives useful advise and is a nice person with whom I immediately felt comfortable. She asked the right questions and really helped me with my painful and bloody periods. Jessica, age 32