My name is Marijke Hesselink, the Vrouwkundige. In 2017, I completed my midwifery training. "This is it!", I thought. I'm still happy with this special work, but I found out, as my experience increased, that something was missing. What exactly? Knowledge about the female body with all its challenges, but especially its strength and adaptability! Thus the seed was planted for my own practice. A place where women can ask all their questions about their bodies and where we search together for the best version of yourself. Because what if your hormones make you unrecognizable?

In my practice, I help women with menstrual issues, contraception, menopause, pregnancy/childbirth/post-natal questions and healthy aging.

Through dietary and lifestyle adjustments and supplementation of deficiencies, we can reduce many symptoms and guide you fitter through the day, month and all phases of being a woman.

My mission? "Female empowerment, the acceptance of the influence of female hormones.”