Services overview

Below is the overview and a brief explanation of the various consultations that can be booked with the Vrouwkundige. The rates are based on the number of minutes as noted. Any follow-up consultations may take longer or shorter, depending on your symptoms and treatment plan. If an appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, you will be charged. De tarieven gaan uit van het aantal minuten zoals genoteerd. Eventuele vervolgconsulten kunnen langer of korter duren, dit hangt af van je klachten en het behandelplan. Wanneer een afspraak minder dan 48 uur van tevoren wordt afgezegd worden de kosten in rekening gebracht.

Please note that depending on the type of consultation and your health insurance, the cost may be partially or fully reimbursed.

You don’t know what to book? Feel free to call Marijke, the Vrouwkundige!

Contraception information

If you want more information about different forms of contraception and an appropriate form for you. Before prescribing a form, you should always be properly informed first. With this consultation you can make a good choice that suits you.
Rate € 60,00 (30 minutes) Schedule Appointment

Insertion / removal of contraception (also an attempt)

Removal and/or placement of Implanon/IUD. Would you like more time during the appointment? Feel free to let us know. Prior to this you need to have had a contraception information consultation for appropriate advice.
Rate € 75.00 (45 minutes) Schedule Appointment

Getting pregnant in a healthy way

About hopefully getting pregnant quickly and responsibly and information about what to look out for and what to arrange.
Rate € 80.00 (60 minutes) Schedule Appointment

Menstruation problems / PMS

For all those shitty complaints that come around every month. By means of a questionnaire and a conversation we will look where to gain.
Rate € 80.00 (60 minutes) Schedule Appointment

Transition / menopause

For your questions and complaints about the menopause. Is it really all hormonal? What do YOU want to do about it?
Rate € 80.00 (60 minutes) Schedule Appointment


Each subsequent consultation after the intake will be charged this amount with the exception of contraceptive insertion or removal (also attempted).
Rate € 40.00 (30 minutes)